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June 1, 2024 - May 1, 2025
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Leonora Libanan

DRIP Dolls

"Lets save water, and well Save the Earth"


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Waterwise Community

Say No to Plastic Straws

An estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastics in their stomachs. When they ingest plastic, marine life has a 50% mortality rate. By asking for no straw when placing a drink order, I will keep 1 plastic straw(s) of out of the ocean each day.


Waterwise Community

Eco-Friendly Community Beautification

I will organize or participate in a volunteer community beautification project using eco-friendly gardening practices from one or more of the waterwise activities shown in Waterwise Beautification.


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    Leonora Libanan 4/28/2022 4:03 PM
    Hi,my name is Leonora, your new team member and excited to be a part of this group Drip Dolls; Just want to share some tips  to help our team:
    1) I use basin in the sink for rinsing/washing, and use this (soap free)water to water my plants
    2) I keep a silicone straw in my car, and a handy folded (silicone straw) along key chain
    3) Unless they are visibly soiled, I re hang some of the clothes I wore (such as skirt/pants), so less clothes to wash
    4)For those who love plants/gardening, know your plants, and how much water they need
    5)Before turning on the faucet during showers, lets take that “3 min shower” challenge, and think of this as sharing the water with our plants & trees.
    “Save Water, Save our Earth”
    handy key chain silicone straw

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    Leonora Libanan 4/28/2022 3:24 PM
    A couple of days ago, I assisted one of my neighbors in contacting the city water to assess the problem of gushing of water under the rocks in her backyard, turned out her back neighbor had a broken water pipe;
    I also inspect the common curb drain site ensure its free of leaves, trash so any runaway water could flow freely into the drain