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June 1, 2024 - May 1, 2025
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Sheila Pottenger

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"To be better today than I was yesterday and reach for even better tomorrow."


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Sheila's actions

Waterwise Beautification

Mulch the Base of Trees and Plants

I will prevent water runoff and increase absorbency by mulching the base of plants and trees at my home or work.


Waterwise Home

Eat A Little Less Meat

I will replace 8 ounces of animal protein with plant-based protein every day.


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  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 3/31/2021 9:02 AM
    I've been in AZ since Nov 1 as I snowbird, the water here is undrinkable! We bought a little RV that was set up with a reverse osmosis wafiltration system and have since found these units WASTE water!! I am looking for an alternative system to no avail. I still use the RO system for drinking and for the pets drinking water otherwise its bottled water, not an alternative. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 9/10/2020 10:31 PM
    I missed the last couple of days due to a significant power outage caused by the Labor Day storm. I have to say that my many resources for survival came in handy the first day especially. GoSun Solar powered cooler kept beverages cool and the fridge closed and the GoSun Sport as well as the GoSun Fusion Hybrid solar ovens made cooking possible. Once we got the motorhome back on the property with full water tank of potable water life was better. A catastrophic power failure like this makes you really understand how important water is and how important it is to conserve it daily, one day it may not be as easily accessible as it is for you today. Thank you for this opportunity to learn even more about conservation and how I can improve. Cheers!!

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 9/06/2020 11:19 PM
    You are all done and I am almost done. But I'll be still working on this.

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 9/05/2020 11:57 PM
    Cpservong water also means protecting it from contaminants.

    • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
      Sheila Pottenger 9/05/2020 11:59 PM
      I really should wear my readers when typing. Conserving is what that mangled up word is suppose to be!! LOL 

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 9/02/2020 11:40 PM
    Some days you just get up and do what you do only to realize at the end of the day you're doing what you pledged to do. Funny how it just becomes a habit. 

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 9/02/2020 11:57 AM
    So yesterday was a power day for me. I had to do some smooozing and wheeling and dealing as I punctured a hole in my oil pan. Its It's all good, friend had a barely used one he sold me for a fair price and I cajoled the use of his driveway to make repairs instead of having it towed home. Just hoping I didnt hurt the engine. I mean its got 361,400+ miles on it and still gets 49MPG! So having to eat on the fly in our area gave me few choices. Today will be better!

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 8/30/2020 11:43 PM
    Met up with friends and got to show them a little bit of my paradise. Living in the dry portion of the PNW isnt all high desert and vast fields. In my neck of the woods we have rivers and lakes hidden throughout the area. And even though I may. Ot live with a water view or it come within a mile of our property, every gallon that's conserved helps our private little eco system. It works the same every where you just have to sit and think about it.

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 8/30/2020 12:31 AM
    Once committed alway committed. Fighting a little gremlin in 1 of my timers. Every other day its different. I caught it early tonight so it only ran 20 minutes longer than scheduled.

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 8/28/2020 6:11 PM
    We have been using this style of shower head for nearly 15 years. It variable adjustability makes it even better. I use it no more than half open for my showers now that I no longer have hair to my knees and thicker than a horse's tail, LOL. The Navy teaches water conservation as well. Navy showers are get in get wet, turn off the water, soap up , rinse and your done. So I've been a pro at this since 1988!!

  • Sheila Pottenger 's avatar
    Sheila Pottenger 8/28/2020 6:03 PM