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June 1, 2021 - May 1, 2022

COF Water Services Feed

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  • Tamara Lawless's avatar
    Tamara Lawless 8/18/2020 3:48 PM
    The Mayor's Challenge is definitely different as a digital campaign!

    • Steve Creech's avatar
      Steve Creech 8/26/2020 2:25 PM
      Haha. Tamara you are setting such a great example for all of us. Thank you for what you do!
  • Reflection Question
    Waterwise Beautification Plant a Tree
    Can you think of a tree in your life that was special to you? How did it inspire you? Is it still there?

    Kate Miele's avatar
    Kate Miele 8/18/2020 1:20 PM
    The birch tree's in New England. The colors during fall always brought a smile to my face, much like the Aspen trees here in Flagstaff do. 
  • Reflection Question
    Waterwise Home Eat A Little Less Meat
    How could you "flip" some of your favorite meals to increase vegetables, beans, and grains and reduce meat protein?

    Kate Miele's avatar
    Kate Miele 8/14/2020 8:10 AM
    By opting to do meatless Mondays.

  • Erin Young's avatar
    Erin Young 8/12/2020 8:36 AM
    I am unsure if I can stencil stormdrains in our community but I'll find out!

  • Erin Young's avatar
    Erin Young 8/12/2020 8:07 AM
    I'd like to take action on the stormwater drain challenge, but a little differently than how the site wants us to take action

    • Erin Young's avatar
      Erin Young 8/12/2020 8:28 AM
      I think an educational campaign to businesses that are commonly found dumping into the stormdrain...